$20 Donation pays for much needed art and sports supplies for Camp Grizzly, our 19th annual week-long summer leadership camp. Click Donate Below:

$25 Donation provides support for our Advocates who travel far and wide in Northern CA to meet consumers needing advocacy services, especially when its for an IFSP or IEP meeting. Click Donate Below:

$35 Donation pays for a Deaf mentor who will visit a family with a baby newly identified as Deaf to provide informational resources and support. Click Donate Below:

$50 Donation helps pay for interpreting during a memorial service, which we offer free of charge, the last thing you want to worry about when a loved one passes is communication access. Click Donate Below:

$150 Donation to DeafSAFE can ensure that a survivor of DV/SA will have access to food, shelter, and safety. Click Donate Below:

$425 Donation will sponsor a low income Deaf or hard of hearing child to attend 1 week at Camp Grizzly, our summer leadership camp. Click Donate Below:

If you would like to choose a different ammount to donate please click the button below and type how much you would like to donate.