Program provides the following services:

What is your work history?
What are your job interests?
Are you ready to work?

Communication Language Skills Training (Yuba City and Chico areas)
Learn employment words that are used on applications
Improve basic English and Math skills
Learn to use Email, Text messaging, VRS
Computer Training
DMV Training

Employment Program (Yuba City, Chico and Redding areas)
blue arrow Getting Ready for work
blue arrow Complete a master job application
blue arrow Develop a resume
blue arrow Practice job interviews
blue arrow How to look for a job

blue arrow Show good work habits such as good attendance, always on time, reliable transportation
blue arrow Assistance with online applications and personality tests

blue arrowAssistance with online applications and personality tests

blue arrow For job interviews

blue arrow For new hire orientation/training on the job

Job Coach
blue arrow Support on the job when starting a new job and

blue arrow Help resolving any conflicts or issues that may interfere with your work
blue arrow Learn how to use the bus to get to work

To enter our program, you need to be:
blue arrow Deaf and Hard of Hearing

blue arrow Age 18 and older

blue arrow Department of Rehabilation Consumer

For information about the program:
(530) 740-7803 V
(530) 740-7802 TTY
(530) 923-4471 VP
CLST/Employment: Michael Payne

For Redding Area
(530) 722-6388
Employment: Kim MIhan



























Community Interpreter - Sacramento, CA
Community Interpreter Redding - Redding, CA
Community Interpreter Stockton - Stockton, CA

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California Deaf Service Agencies

DCARA - NorthWest California/Bay Area
DHHSC - Fresno
GLAD - Southern California/Los Angeles
DCS - Southern California/San Diego
CODIE - Riverside County

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