This service is available at Sacramento, Yuba City, Redding, Stockton and Modesto offices.

Communication Language Skills Training

Basic communication language skills that will lead to admission in vocational or postsecondary education program, participation in employment program, passage of employment tests and /or job placement
This program will educate and empower Consumers to develop the following:
Strong ASL and English communication skills
Strong English writing skills for completing job applications and forms
Computer skills using Email, Internet, Microsoft Word
Communication etiquette for Telephone interviews and for using VP, IP Relay, VRS
Job Interview skills, and how to interview with an ASL Interpreter
Basic on-the- job communication, what to do if you need help.
Our program first does an Assessment to determine how best to serve YOU:
What is your work history?
What are your job interests?
Are you ready to work?
Do you have basic Computer skills?
What is Labor Market Information on your job interests?
Do you need instruction 1 on 1or can work in a group?

Special Courses

• Assistive Technology: Smartphone training (email and text), Microsoft Office 2016 training including Word, EXCEL, Publisher, and PowerPoint

• GED preparation: Most employers required a High School diploma or GED. Do you want to pursue your GED training or get a high school diploma through Adult Education?

• Individual Issues such as transportation, child care, and others

Motivating Workshops
Introduction to Employment Development Department
Alcohol and Drug Prevention in Workplace
ADA – what are my rights as an employee?
Tips on finding a Job
Hear from Deaf people who will share their work experiences
“Do’s and Don’ts” of using Interpreters
Visits to Job Fairs and other Community Resources
“If have I a felony, how can I get a job?”

Deaf and hard of hearing
Age 18 of age or older
Referred by your local Department of Rehabilitation
How long is the program?
The length of participation by students will vary, depending on attendance, skill level and motivation. Average length of attendance is between 6 months to 2 years.
How Do I enroll?
Program admission requires referral by the Department of Rehabilitation
Contact your local DOR

For more information about the program:

Sacramento Area Hugh Lafler
(916) 993-3050

Redding Area Kim Mihan
(530) 722-6388 VP/V